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Breast Reconstruction

  • Removal of Breast Implants/Bilateral DIEP Flap

    • Age: 45-50
    • Height: 5'0-5'5
    • Weight: 185-210 lbs
    • BMI: 31
    • Ethnicity: African-American
    • Gender: Female

    Patient was diagnosed with right breast cancer and underwent a bilateral mastectomy prior to consulting with Dr. Baron. Dr. Baron performed a revision of the patient's breast reconstruction, with removal of her implants and replacement of DIEP flaps.

  • DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

    • Age: 45-50
    • Height: 5'0-5'4
    • Weight: 185-200 lbs
    • BMI: 32
    • Ethnicity: African-American
    • Gender: Female

    The patient was diagnosed with left breast cancer and decided to have a double mastectomy, followed by the placement of tissue expanders. She expressed she wanted to use her own tissue instead of implants for her breast reconstruction. The patient had immediate breast reconstruction with DIEP flaps, followed by nipple reconstruction and areola tattooing.


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