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Tabono means “oar” or “paddle” in the Adinkra language of Western Africa. It is a symbol of unity of purpose, strength, confidence, and hard work to reach a destination or goal.



1.  Unity of Purpose

During your consultation with Dr. Baron, she will develop a personalized plan with you to meet your realistic surgical goals. She will ensure that as a patient-doctor team, both of you are on the same page regarding your surgical plan, as well as your pre and postoperative expectations.

2. Strength

Many of our breast reconstruction patients have to harness strength from deep within to cope with their breast cancer diagnosis and multiple upcoming surgical procedures. Our cosmetic patients also garner the courage to seek solutions for portions of their bodies that they have been unsatisfied with for a period of time. No matter what type of surgery is performed, Dr. Baron and her team are sensitive to those feelings and will support you through your recovery to your desired result.

3. Self-Confidence

Dr. Baron's goal for each one of her patients, regardless of the procedure, is to uncover and revive confidence within themselves. Many times patients find that speaking with Dr. Baron during their consultation assures them of their self-confidence, and a procedure may not be necessary. Dr. Baron shows compassion to all of her patients. Nothing pleases her more than for a patient to have an improved self-image after they opted for a procedure under her guidance.

4. Hard Work

Dr. Baron has dedicated and sacrificed many years to train and help her patients through surgery. She expects her patients to bring the same amount of dedication and passion by being involved in their procedural journey. Occasionally this dedication involves putting in the effort to lose weight before surgery and maintaining a healthy lifestyle afterward to preserve your results. Having both parties fully invested in the procedural process ensures that everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.

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