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As one of the few African American female plastic surgeons in the nation, Dr. Baron specializes in microsurgical (DIEP flap) breast reconstruction and body contouring. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the breast and body doctor believes it’s ultimately in the hands of a skilled and board-certified surgeon.

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"Today, I’m officially one year old with my breast reduction surgery, and the journey was truly a breeze and a blessing. Dr. Baron did an amazing job in preparing me and guiding me through the entire process. I have had NO issues, AND I LOVE THE OUTCOME!!!"

-L Maria King, Facebook


"Dr. Aisha Baron-Breast Body Beauty this has been a dream of mine to have a breast reduction surgery every since High School. With me dealing with obesity and being so athletic all my life I use to wish I had smaller breast so that I could run faster jump higher and run longer distances I’m not trying to brag but I was a great Basketball player Softball player and could play any sport under the circumstances of being over weight. Being a singer and loving to perform kept me from reaching my full potential because of my breast size. My confidence level has been low for many of years as also the pain and suffering that I had in my neck back shoulders as I got older. This has been one of the best life altering experiences in my life and because of you I’m so thankful and appreciative that you and your staff helped me through this process."

-C of Sabrina, Facebook


"Dr. Baron is amazing. She very patiently explained my options and the procedure. She encouraged me to ask questions. She is knowledgeable, professional and really puts you at ease. Her staff is wonderful too. Whether over the phone or in person they were always courteous and willing to help. As for the results, I'm still astonished at how well it turned out. Very little pain and major WOW! Thank you Dr. Baron for being there for us and being so good at what you do."

- Jeanette Cogdell, Facebook


"Thank you Dr Aisha Baron for being the vessel that God used to allow me to have the first day of the rest of my Life.You and your staff have shown me Professionalism. Compassion. And a sense of trust.I am enjoying the weight lifted off my chest area.and have experienced No Pain. THANK YOU Dr Baron .a Phenomenal Women and Gifted Surgeon"

- Karen Weezee Lakiun, Facebook


"Dr. Baron is a highly skilled and thoughtful surgeon! She takes great care in all that she does and it is clear that she has a passion for her patients and plastic surgery! Would highly recommend her!"

- Ruth Celestin, Facebook


"I went to see Dr. Baron for my surgery consult. Looking forward to my surgery in a couple months. She is great & her office staff."

- Kimberly Ann Johnson, Facebook


"Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough for Dr. Baron and her extraordinary staff. My daughter is extremely happy, confident, and can play sports again since her surgery. Everyone in the entire office just took such great care of my daughter and really understood what she was going through as a young woman. Thank you. We will certainly recommend Breast Body to everyone. Thank you-Very happy Mom"

- Leslie Ann Olejnik, Facebook


"There’s no better surgeon in my opinion than Dr Baron. Her expertise and attention to detail have made an enormous difference in my wellbeing. I have been asked who did my surgery by at least 5 friends as my results have been amazing! I know of 3 that are going to get a consult. I am confident they will be in great hands! I highly recommend Dr Baron and her wonderful staff!"

- Donna Moen Torres, Facebook


"I had the most amazing experience with Dr. Baron and her amazing staff. They are very attentive and informative! I could not imagine having chose another doctor to do the job. I’m amazed at my results and totally recommend her to anyone looking to better the body!"

- Angel Veasley, Facebook

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