Feeling Like A Different Person After Pregnancy? A Mommy Makeover Could Be The Answer

Feeling Like A Different Person After Pregnancy? A Mommy Makeover Could Be The Answer

While you may be expecting changes after you give birth, there are often surprises you didn’t plan on. Once the baby weight comes off, you can see some of the changes that motherhood creates for you. You might be distressed to find that fat deposits seem to have new ideas for you, or that your carefully moisturized skin doesn’t snap back as you hoped. 

Your appearance remains important, even after you’ve given birth. You can dismiss the stranger in the mirror with a visit to Breast Body Beauty Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Aisha Baron, a mother of three, specializes in mommy makeovers, a collection of procedures that restore your body to more familiar conditions. When it’s time to rediscover the body that was once yours, it’s time for a consultation. 

Tummy tucks and mini tucks

After delivering your baby, you may have excess fat, loose skin, and abdominal tissue that doesn’t return to normal. One of the most popular plastic surgery treatments in a mommy makeover is a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. It targets excess skin and muscle laxity above and below your navel. Abdominal muscles can be separated by the growth of your baby and these can be reattached surgically. 

Sometimes, a full tummy tuck isn’t necessary. Only the lower half of your abdomen may need attention, between the belly button and pubis. Dr. Baron may recommend a mini tummy tuck in this case, to avoid unnecessary work. 

Breast lifts and augmentations

While every woman’s experience can be different, pregnancy and breastfeeding often lead to significant sagging, nipple changes, and loss in breast volume. A breast lift restores the perkiness of your breasts by removing excess skin, firming your breast tissue, and repositioning your nipples. There are several approaches to breast lifts depending on the extent of sag, areola position, and excess skin. This cosmetic treatment won’t increase your breast size.

However, it’s a great time to address breast augmentation, if that’s part of your mommy makeover plan. Augmentation improves your breast position and projection with saline or silicone implants placed beneath the pectoral muscle.

Liposuction and BodyTite

Pockets of fat that resist post-pregnancy efforts to reshape are a common complaint for new moms and a mommy makeover is the perfect time to address them. 

Liposuction uses a narrow tube called a cannula to break up and vacuum away stubborn fat. It’s a procedure that makes dramatic changes for women who are within about 30% of their ideal weight. It’s a shaping procedure, not a weight loss method, but it can certainly rid you of curves that weren’t there before pregnancy. 

BodyTite is a radiofrequency-assisted version of liposuction that adds the benefit of tissue tightening to the fat removal process. The heat generated by radiofrequency energy not only liquefies fat for easier removal compared with traditional liposuction but also stimulates the growth of new tissue that moisturizes and supports your skin. 

These are just a few of your mommy makeover options. Request a consultation online or by phone to learn more about the treatments available for your customized mommy makeover plan. You can banish that stranger and feel like yourself again. Book your appointment today. 

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