Is a Breast Lift the Best Option After Losing a Significant Amount of Weight?

Is a Breast Lift the Best Option After Losing a Significant Amount of Weight?

If you’ve lost a lot of weight, you deserve to feel celebrated. You probably feel great about yourself — as you should! Being more active and fitting into smaller clothes are two major accomplishments that come along with weight loss.

But you may have discovered some body changes that don’t make you feel as excited. A common side effect of major weight loss is sagging skin. When your breasts are affected by sagging skin, it can really take a toll on your self-confidence. 

breast lift is one solution for sagging breasts, but is it the best choice for you? Read on as Dr. Aisha Baron and our expert team at Breast Body Beauty Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, Georgia, explain your options.

How to enhance your shape

When you lose weight, you may feel good about your body, possibly in a completely new way that you never have before. You may also see areas you’d like to finetune to get yourself that much closer to your body-shape goals. 

If breast changes following weight loss have you considering plastic surgery, you may be wondering which breast-enhancing solution is best for you.

Breast augmentation

If your breasts never had the amount of volume that you wanted, a breast augmentation may be the answer. You can get silicone or saline implants to enhance the volume of your breasts.

Breast augmentation surgery is a fairly major procedure that requires a lengthy recovery. But in the end, you can get the fuller bust line you’ve always wanted.

Breast lift

As its name implies, a breast lift is a surgical procedure that tightens the skin on your chest to lift and reposition sagging breasts. In a recent survey of people who’ve had a breast lift, about 94% said the procedure was “worth it.”

A breast lift removes excess skin from your chest, which repositions your breasts. It also repositions your areolas, giving your breasts a perkier appearance. You can also choose to reduce the size of your nipples or make asymmetrical breasts look more even.

Getting a breast lift

If you’ve decided a breast lift may be right for you, our team can help you understand what it can and can’t accomplish as well as what you can expect each step of the way. Many people are very happy with the results of a breast lift, and you may be the next one who feels that way. 

Compared to breast augmentation surgery, the recovery time from a breast lift is very minimal; you can expect about 5 days of downtime following a breast lift, compared to about 6 weeks of more intensive recovery after getting breast implants. After a breast lift, most patients only need over-the-counter pain relievers to manage their pain.

Combining procedures

You may also choose to get a breast lift and an augmentation at the same time. This is a great option for women who want to remove excess skin, get perkier, younger-looking breasts, and have a fuller bust line as well.

Although the recovery time for a breast lift and augmentation is longer than it would be for a breast lift alone, surveys suggest that about 97% of people who choose a combined breast lift and augmentation are very happy with the results. 

Deciding which treatment — or combination of treatments — is best for you depends on your personal body shape goals. 

After your procedure

Whether you get a breast lift or a breast lift plus augmentation, you’ll have a small amount of scarring after the procedure. This is perfectly normal, and the scars will fade over time. If you’re self-conscious about the scarring, however, scar-reducing treatments like laser therapy or microneedling can help.

If you have questions about breast lift surgery, breast augmentation, or both, we have answers. Call or click online to schedule a consultation at Breast Body Beauty Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, Georgia, today. 

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