Why Breast Reduction Surgery Has Such a High Satisfaction Rate

Why Breast Reduction Surgery Has Such a High Satisfaction Rate

Most people think that being born with large breasts is a blessing, but many women with big breasts don't quite agree. Large breasts may be appealing to some, but for others, they cause chronic pain and self-esteem issues.

If you're tired of having large breasts but can't seem to get them any smaller through diet and exercise, a breast reduction may be a great option. The good news is that many women report high satisfaction rates years after breast reduction surgery.

At Breast, Body, Beauty Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia, our team provides services that help you feel good about your appearance. Dr. Aisha Baron is a highly trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon who offers breast reductions to help ease pain and improve confidence.

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure where a plastic surgeon removes excess breast tissue and skin to promote a healthier, happier you. It's an excellent option if you have heavy, large breasts that cause issues such as:

A breast reduction allows you to live life without dealing with chest anxiety and chronic pain. After we remove the excess breast tissue and skin, we reshape your breasts and make them symmetrical for a flawless appearance.

The new breasts you have after surgery are a smaller size you choose before your procedure. Although it's not an easy decision, it could significantly improve your life.

How do large breasts affect my health?

Large breasts affect women in many ways, both physically and mentally. The weight of each breast pulls down on the muscles in your upper back, shoulders, and neck, potentially leading to chronic pain.

One of the biggest complaints women with big breasts have is neck and back pain. The weight of your breasts on the front of your body pulls on the muscles in your back and neck, especially when you don't have the best posture.

Due to neck and back pain, some women with extremely large breasts also suffer from migraines and frequent headaches. As the muscles continue to strain, it causes a domino effect with other muscles in your body.

Rashes are another common issue, especially for women who don't wear the proper-size bra. An improperly fitted bra can rub on the delicate skin of your breasts, causing rashes, skin irritation, and sometimes numbness.

But physical issues are only one piece of the puzzle — large breasts also affect your self-confidence and mental health. The constant dread of putting on clothes or lugging around huge breasts may weigh heavily on your mind, causing depression and social anxiety.

Why breast reduction surgery is an excellent option

For most women, breast reduction surgery is a huge step, both physically and mentally, but it's worth it. In fact, according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, women experience the benefits up to 30 years after the procedure.

The same article also reports that women who've had breast reduction surgery are happier with their sexual health and breasts compared to women who have never had breast surgery.

But why is breast reduction surgery so successful for women with large breasts? It's an excellent way to boost your self-esteem and finally enjoy all the things you couldn't do when you had a big chest.

Another reason breast reduction surgery has such a high satisfaction rate is that it lasts. The American Society of Plastic Surgery also states that 76% of women reported better psychosocial well-being after surgery, while 81% felt like their physical well-being improved.

Having a breast reduction early on significantly benefits the rest of your life by improving your self-confidence, eliminating back or neck pain, and giving your mental and physical health back.

To find out if a breast reduction is a good option for your needs, contact our team by phone or request a consultation online today.

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