What’s Included in a Mommy Makeover?

Your body undergoes various changes throughout your life, especially after having children. As a mom, it’s sometimes necessary to take a back seat to raising your kids and providing them with what they need.

Your self-confidence and love for your body may fly out the window when you're a mom, but you don't have to let your dream of a stunning body go. A mommy makeover is an excellent way to achieve your body goals without taking too much time away from your family.

At Breast Body Beauty Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Aisha Baron and Dr. Olatomide (Tomi) Familusi offer various procedures to help you look and feel your best, including a mommy makeover.

Effects of pregnancy on your body

Pregnancy is a joyful time in a woman's life, full of excitement and anticipation of a growing family. However, pregnancy also takes an extreme toll on your body, both physically and mentally.

While getting your body back isn't usually your priority after having kids, it's something you may think about often, especially when you have any of the following issues with your body:

Not only does pregnancy affect your body, but it also affects how you feel in your clothing and changes your confidence. However, spending hours at the gym is only sometimes realistic when you have kids.

Even with a good diet and moderate exercise, changing your post-pregnancy body is nearly impossible, so we offer a highly successful mommy makeover.

Is a mommy makeover right for me?

The most significant factor in deciding if a mommy makeover is proper for you is whether or not you're done having children. If you are, it's a great time to consider upgrading your body, but it's best to wait if you're still thinking of adding to your family.

Another factor to consider is the recovery from the procedures. It may take several weeks to months to completely recover from multiple cosmetic procedures on your body. Childcare is essential at this time, especially when you have small children.

You won't be able to lift anything over a few pounds during recovery, so planning accordingly is essential. Ensure you have help around the house and with your kids to make recovery seamless.

It's also best to be in good physical and mental health before choosing mommy makeover surgery. The healthier you are, the quicker you can recover and the less chance of complications.

Talk to our team about scarring as well to ensure you're okay with the possibility of certain scars after surgery. Although scars fade over time, they may still be visible.

A mommy makeover may be overwhelming, but the results are often permanent, restoring the self-confidence and beauty you’ve been missing.

Included procedures in a mommy makeover

Our team tailors your mommy makeover to your specific wants and goals. We perform various surgical and nonsurgical procedures to give you the body and skin you yearn for. A few of the procedures involved in a mommy makeover include:


Liposuction is a surgical procedure that eliminates stubborn areas of fat in your body. During liposuction, we melt the fat and suction it out through a tube.

After kids, it's hard to get rid of specific fatty bulges, even with vigorous exercise and a strict diet. Liposuction allows you to quickly eliminate targeted areas of fat for a sculpted, lean look.

Tummy tuck

Pregnancy stretches out your abdominal tissues and muscles to make enough room for your growing baby. After giving birth, the result is loose skin and excess fat over your tummy area.

A tummy tuck reduces that excess skin and fat. It helps tighten your abdominal muscles to achieve a slimmer, toned appearance, even after carrying children.

Breast augmentation

Many women desire breast augmentation. It enhances the size and shape of your breasts, and we can tailor it to fit your goals.

You may receive implants during a breast augmentation to firm your breast tissue to give you a perky and sizable chest you can be proud of.

Some women may opt for a breast reduction, especially when they already had large breasts before pregnancy. We can pair a breast reduction with other procedures to give you the breasts you've been dreaming of.

Breast lift

Our team performs a breast lift to lift saggy breast tissue higher on your chest. Breastfeeding sometimes leads to sagging breasts, but we can fix it.

We often perform a breast lift in conjunction with a breast reduction or breast augmentation. Although a breast lift alone won't make your breasts larger or smaller, it can help with imperfections like asymmetrical nipples.

To schedule a mommy makeover consultation, contact our team by phone or request a consultation online today.

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